MEDICAL BUSINESS CONSULTING specializes in medical billing and revenue cycle management for individual, and small to mid-sized physical medicine practitioners, including acupuncture; chiropractic; physical therapy; occupational therapy; and massage therapy.

We take pride in understanding your unique needs and offering the best medical billing and revenue cycle management services for health care professionals.  The pressures from rising overhead, declining 3rd party reimbursements, and the mounting confusion of new health care regulations are challenging independent providers like you.  By achieving faster reimbursement from 3rd party payers and patients, our clients enjoy better incomes and significant savings in billing costs.

When billing stress and associated headaches are removed from your clinic, you have a more focused practice that is better positioned to prosper.   We make it possible for you to do what you do best, provide top-quality care for your patients.

Our revenue cycle management services include:

  • Daily entry of charges and payments – You can trust our expert billing professionals to handle day-to-day billing quickly and efficiently.
  • Managing your A/R – We don’t just submit your claims and forget about them, we follow-up with insurers to ensure timely payment for your services.
  • Investigation and appeal of erroneously denied charges – As experts in working with insurance companies, we can ensure that you get the compensation you’re entitled to.
  • Patient billing and collections – Take the headache out of billing patients. From initial billing to collections for unpaid debts, we can handle the entire process.
  • Online patient payments (optional) – We offer e-statements and a secure online payment option for your patients that is seamlessly connected to your website, giving your patients the convenience to pay their bills 24/7. You get prompt patient payments and the frequent traffic to your website increases your website’s search engine results.
  • End of month financial reporting – Our reports give you a comprehensive view of your clinic’s revenue cycle management, and provide insights that can help you build a better practice.
  • Insurance carrier updates – We help keep you updated on payer changes so you always know what the payer covers, as well as what is required to pay your claims.

Your Outsourced Billing Partner

The Benefits

We’re experts in all aspects of medical billing and revenue cycle management, and we’re here to help.  When you outsource your insurance billing tasks to MEDICAL BUSINESS CONSULTING you’ll see:

  • Faster third-party reimbursements, creating better cash flow
  • Reduced administrative costs, happier staff, and reduced staff turnover
  • Efficient billing and collections lead to improved patient satisfaction
  • Convenient online payments resulting in faster patient payments
  • Simple, flat percentage-based fees that help save you money

Because we know the components necessary to run a successful practice, we stay on top of the regulatory and business issues affecting medical revenue cycle management so you will never be blindsided by changes in the industry.  You are billed on a monthly basis, at a contracted rate, for all payments received the previous month.  With this proven approach, our goals are aligned:  to obtain the full financial reimbursement for the services you provide.

Our Commitment

To become a dedicated partner, focused on helping your practice maximize revenue and efficiency.  MEDICAL BUSINESS CONSULTING is more than just a billing company, we become an extension of your practice, focused on your success with proven revenue cycle management expertise.

Contact us today to learn how MEDICAL BUSINESS CONSULTING can help your practice.

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A successful practice is more than getting patients through your door…it’s getting timely insurance and patient reimbursement for your services!