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A successful practice is more than getting patients through your door…it’s getting timely insurance and patient reimbursement for your services!

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MEDICAL BUSINESS CONSULTING specializes in medical billing and revenue cycle management for individual, and small to mid-sized physical medicine practitioners, including acupuncture; chiropractic; physical therapy; occupational therapy; and massage therapy.


Focus on what you do best, treating your patients, and outsource the rest to MEDICAL BUSINESS CONSULTING to reap the benefits of faster reimbursement.


After doing our billing in-house for a number of years, we decided to out-source our insurance billing to a different billing company (which is no longer in business) with less than stellar results.  After a few years we moved our billing and collections to Medical Business Consulting and have no regrets.  That was one of the best decisions we have made because it lifted the weight off of our shoulders and allowed us more time to focus on patient care.   Cathi Hammond is knowledgeable, professional, ethical and persistent with our collections.  We have been working with Medical Business Consulting for over 15 years and we highly recommend them to any clinic looking to improve their billing and collections.

- Dianne Como, D.C.

I have been using Cathi Hammond and Medical Business Consulting for my insurance billing and collections since 2007 with great results.  I am able to focus on patient care knowing they are submitting my insurance claims in a timely manner and diligently working to collect everything that is owed by insurance companies as well as patients.   I highly recommend adding Medical Business Consulting to your care team – you won’t regret it.

- Brenda Grewell, L.Ac.

Our clinic has been using Medical Business Consulting for our billing and collections for 8 years and we have been pleased with their knowledge of chiropractic and massage billing.  We are very appreciative of how “hands off” the process is on our end.  From start to finish Medical Business Consulting handles the majority of the process – even patient billing!  They are thorough with claim handling and will investigate denied claims until resolution is found.  Cathi Hammond’s communications regarding insurance billing updates and changes is always prompt, and we are grateful for everything Medical Business Consulting does to keep the billing & collections aspect of our business running smoothly and efficiently. 

- Amy Gunderson-McNeil, D.C. 

Cathi Hammond of Medical Business Consulting is at the "top" of an extremely short list of people I rely on for accurate and timely information. Her vast knowledge base and critical thinking skills are surpassed only by her commitment to the chiropractic profession. Ms. Hammond is an invaluable resource, not only to the association but also to the entire chiropractic profession and the patients they serve.

- Debra Hurston, former Exec. Director of the MN Chiro Assoc

Billing services through Medical Business Consulting over the past several years have been and continue to be a vital part of my success. Over the years I have done my own billing and out-sourced it. Since signing on with Medical Business Consulting my rate of collections has improved significantly, and my patients rarely question a bill.  Their speed in filing claims and consistent communication with my patients have generated a trust among my patients that has value far beyond the cost of the billing services.

- Harlan Mittag, D.C. 

I have worked with Cathi Hammond and Medical Business Consulting since 2002, and highly recommend them.  They are very knowledgeable and handle my billing and collections with the utmost professionalism and integrity.  I appreciate that my solo practice can depend on Medical Business Consulting for all of my billing and collections.  Whether it’s one-on-one, or through MCA seminars presented by Cathi Hammond, I am always able to get answers to any question I may have about billing and coding, or just the insurance industry in general.  It’s a testimony to their great work that I continue to out-source my billing to Medical Business Consulting.  I heartily recommend Medical Business Consulting’s billing and collection services to any chiropractic clinic.

- Greg Dahl, D.C. 

After spending a year trying to manage my own billing, I realized I was spending too much time billing and re-billing my insurance claims –not to mention the ridiculous amount of time on the phone with customer service.  I came to the conclusion that I needed help, and my time would be better spent with my patients rather than trying to master the ins and outs of insurance billing.  In 2004 a colleague referred me to her billing specialist, Cathi Hammond at Medical Business Consulting (MBC), and I have been with them ever since.  MBC’s expertise has been invaluable in the daily operations of my clinic, and they have provided me and my staff with any training needed in order to make insurance billing a successful aspect of our business operations.  MBC is easy to work with, and is affordable for any size practice.  Whenever a new graduate asks me about insurance billing, I always say “I have a wonderful billing company to handle all of that.  You should consider hiring Medical Business Consulting so you can spend your time and energy taking care of your patients instead of dealing with paperwork.

- Kimberly Fritz, L.Ac.

In my opinion, Medical Business Consulting is hands down the best chiropractic billing company. They are the ones that I will contact first with any insurance billing, collections, and office procedure questions that I may have. Cathi Hammond keeps current with all of the laws and regulations pertaining to chiropractic insurance billing and procedures, presents seminars for teaching purposes.

- Brian Betts, D.C.

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For nearly three decades MEDICAL BUSINESS CONSULTING has been providing proven expertise in all aspects of medical billing and revenue cycle management to health care providers.



Medical Business Consulting is proud to be a long-time member of the Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA), a national trade association of medical billing and revenue cycle management companies.

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To become a dedicated partner, focused on helping your practice maximize revenue and efficiency.  MEDICAL BUSINESS CONSULTING is more than just a billing company, we become an extension of your practice, focused on your success with proven revenue cycle management expertise.

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A successful practice is more than getting patients through your door…it’s getting timely insurance and patient reimbursement for your services!